Miro Forestry is a sustainable forestry and timber products business with plantations in Ghana and Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Current Stock Current Stock

Miro Forestry has 10,000 hecatres of standing forest established through its own planting activities

Growth Growth

Expanding this plantation area at a rate of 3,000 hectares per year

Timber products Timber products

Producing sustainable timber products including sawn timber, poles and wood biomass

Our plantations are Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™) certified meaning we voluntarily comply with the international gold standard of responsible forest management

We specialise in the production of the following products:

  • Structural Sawn Timber

    Pallets, flooring, tongue and groove etc. can be made to order - products can be treated upon request.

  • Poles

    Electricity utility poles, fence posts and building poles, treated and untreated.

  • Biomass Energy

    Wood biomass for power production, charcoal and firewood.

Plywood panels will also be available in the near future.

Miro’s plantations are well located to competitively supply consistent quality wood products into the local market as well as to export markets through nearby container ports.

We carry stock to enable us to meet orders on short notice. We are also interested in purchasing timber from third party suppliers and smallholder farmers to maintain our stock levels. In addition, we provide forestry services to forest owners, to rubber plantations (harvesting and clearing overmatured areas), and also environmental services to mining groups (including rehabilitation planting) in West Africa.

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