The Company’s Yoni Plantation consists of over 21,000 hectares of flat and fertile land located in the Tonkolili District of Sierra Leone, 90 miles from Freetown, the country’s capital, and adjacent to the country’s major highway into Freetown. The Company is growing short-rotation species including Eucalyptus and Acacia. Due to the proximity of the land to Freetown, and substantial deep-water port facilities, the Company has good access to timber export markets.

The Yoni Plantation is around 8.5° north of the equator and has a tropical climate with average monthly temperatures ranging between 26°C and 36°C and annual rainfall in excess of 2,000mm. The dry season typically spans between December and March having less than 100mm of rainfall.

The land on which the Company is establishing plantation forests was once forested with primary forest, however the land now consists of secondary growth including grasses, low level bush and palms. The land is being leased under longterm agreements with landowners ratified by the chief’s and government as legal custodians.

The land area has limited subsistence farming going on which is primarily centered around the low lying swampy areas for rice cultivation unsuitable for forestry. The Company works in ongoing consultation with local farmers and aims to bring additional benefit to such farmers through opening up swampy areas for rice cultivation and enabling controlled agroforestry thus providing clear land for subsistence farming, mutual crop protection and keeping the land free of nutrient sapping undergrowth.

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