CCA or Tanalith-C is the most widely used timber treatment used in Africa and across the world, particularly for electricity poles, building and fencing posts, with durability lasting more than 20 years.

Our Electricity poles are made from Eucalyptus, the most widely used timber species used for electricity poles in Africa, due to its superior strength and durability characteristics vs. all other timber species. We supply to electricity grid contractors as well as to grid owners themselves. As the only pole treatment company in our region of West Africa, with vertically integrated forests, we can supply quicker than any other supplier and carry significant stock.

Wood electricity transmission poles are vastly superior to alternatives such as concrete and galvanized steel due to their cost, longevity and ease by which they can be transported and assembled as part of any electricity network.

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We can supply poles of any length and diameter to meet the customers requirements. The most typical length is:

- 9m, with thin end of 120-140mm, CCA treated to 20kg/m3