Miro Forestry strongly believes that the creation of shared value and sustainability is the cornerstone to success and rural development. Miro Forestry aims to have significant economic impact in the areas it has operations through employment, community development and local procurement of supplies and infrastructure.

Miro Forestry aims to maintain the highest level of conservation and environmental protection. The Company has long term plans to safeguard and enrich areas of natural and indigenous forest in order to protect flora and fauna and promote bio-diversity.

This concept of sustainable forest management ensures a corporate contribution to the country, its people, the environment and the future.


The Company knows that good relationships with its employees and community are critical for long term success. Miro strives for proactive, mutually respectful and lasting relationships with all of its stakeholders. With local communities having a vested interest in the success of the Company, they work to promote and protect it.

Miro communicates meaningfully and transparently through its all inclusive stakeholder engagement plans and teams of dedicated and experienced Community Liaison Officers. In this way we ensure we are listening to, learning from and taking into account the views of all of our stakeholders, using open and relevant dialogue that respects and uphold our values.

Miro Forestry's community development strategy includes education, access to clean water and alternative livelihood programs. Our mission for community development is to help communities help themselves. While many development interventions over the past few decades have perpetuated the dependency mindset, Miro Forestry's projects exist to challenge this by empowering the communities to achieve their own objectives. The communities see the company as a true partner whilst not depending on the company for their daily needs.

The company welcomes working on community projects in partnership with NGOs and other organisations and individuals whereby greater financial support can be provided to a project together with additional and specialist expertise.

Environment and Conservation

Whilst the Company is primarily a commercial timber operation, we believe strongly in the conservation and regeneration of indigenous flora, fauna and habitats. The Company therefore aims to ensure that environmentally sensitive areas, such as those along the edge of rivers and wildlife corridors are conserved and regenerated. Miro conserves all areas of natural forest, cultural heritage and other valuable habitats.

The Company's projects follow ecological and environmental principles, working closely with national environmental regulatory bodies and has a strong, experienced team working to ensure the highest environmental standards are achieved. The Company ensures the land is used wisely and maintained for the use of generations to come.

Measurable Impact

As a private company, with obligations to its multi-national shareholders, Miro Forestry is determined to show measurable positive social and environmental impacts, and this is done through an effective monitoring, evaluation and reporting system. Detailed social and environmental monitoring results are available in the Company's Annual Reports.