Miro Forestry Company


Miro Forestry is an independent Cayman Islands incorporated private limited company. The Company owns and operates sustainable forestry plantations of fast growing timbers for the production of lumber, poles and biomass in Ghana and Sierra Leone, West Africa. Miro Forestry is managed by an experienced team of forestry, business and investment management professionals who have a good track record of building and operating emerging market businesses.

Most experts agree that demand for sustainable timber will continue to rise with increased global demand for wood products particularly from the expanding and increasingly affluent emerging markets. Against this increasing demand the planet is losing over ten million hectares of timber land ever year; an area equivalent to Ireland or Sierra Leone. As a demonstration of this, Ghana has lost over 80% of its forest cover over the last 30 years.

To curtail this continued deforestation, countries are increasing demanding sustainable timber; timber that is harvested and replanted. Today there is there is simply not enough land being planted with sustainable timber crops to meet this ever increasing demand.

Tropical climates in emerging markets have high biological growth rates ensuring that trees grow and reach maturity quickly and low land and operating costs, therefore ensuring that countries such as Ghana can be extremely competitive and profitable for the production of sustainable timber.

For investment information on Miro Forestry, please contact info@miroforestry.com.

Miro Forestry - Investment into Plantation Forestry