Miro Forestry Company

Objectives & Goals

4-year old Eucalyptus

Miro Forestry is a profit driven, commercial plantation timber business. The Company's objective is to be a leading low-cost producer and supplier of sustainable timber operating to high management, social and environmental standards.

Miro Forestry will continue to operate to FSC standards and to conserve natural forest and other valuable vegetation within its areas of operation. The Company will continue to reach out to local communities to establish social, economic and environmental development programs within the local community adhering to high standards of corporate social responsibility.

The Company aims to be the preferred partner for the local communities in which it operates and for international business partners and financial institutions.

The Company's principal objective is to continue to acquire and build interests in timber and sustainable forestry businesses and assets that provide the Company with:

Mission Statement

To develop and operate globally high-quality and cost-competitive commercial forestry plantations producing lumber, poles and wood-chips sustainably to FSC standards whilst providing environmental, social and economic benefit to local communities.


Be Africa's leading forestry company based on shareholder value add, sustainability standards, environmental and social development benefits; with a passionate and determined team and supportive stakeholders.